Player, the main character of Retro City Rampage.

Player is the main character of Retro City Rampage. He carries a laser pistol and drives Doc Choc's DeLorean (possibly a parody of Back to the Future) and has many friends and foes. He has no relationships with anyone, except for Kimmy, who shoots Player with a shotgun and tries to marry him. He worked for The Jester and was sent back to the 80's in a mistake robbing a convenience store, which is accessible in the 80's part of the game. 

He makes a second appearance as one of the playable protagonists in Shakedown Hawaii. He has a son who works as a DJ. He also has a bodyguard doing their dirty work. 


  • Player's main theme is "Renegade", as it always plays whenever he's selected in Free Roaming Mode.
  • It is possible that he could've went back and married Kimmy, implying that he has a son by the events of Shakedown Hawaii.
  • He is probably in his late 20's at the time of the events of Retro City Rampage due to him being in his 50's at the time of Shakedown Hawaii's events.