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Retro City Rampage is an action-adventure video game for WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and Microsoft Windows. It was released on October 9, 2012.

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Retro City Rampage is an action/adventure game developed by VBlank Entertainment in which players take control of a crime syndicate henchman known as The Player. The game has a similar style to early Grand Theft Auto games, with a retro top-down perspective of gameplay. The game also provides a 2D platforming perspective during certain levels and mini games.  Players can explore the large city and complete a variety (more than 80 total) of story and challenge missions. The game includes a various assortment of weaponry and shops, along with options to hijack vehicles, complete missions of many types, play various mini games and more. During open-world gameplay, criminal activity will attract police attention.  Many levels and mini games mirror artistic styles and gameplay of classic 8-bit and 16-bit video games such as Hang-On, Jackal, Super Mario Bros, Super Meatboy (retro styled modern game), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Legend of Zelda, Contra, Bionic Commando, and Mega Man. 

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